The Albatross

The Albatross is an animated short created by an indie team of young animators, Joel Best, Alex Jeremy, and Alex Karonis. It is set in the center of a misty, freezing lake and it shows the story of a fisherman, a strange glass creature, and a whiskey bottle. The fisherman struggles with an alcohol problem, he uses fishing and drinking as a form of release from reality, the man struggling in his boat becomes frustrated and tosses a bottle of whiskey overboard. Soon after that a strange creature made of glass climbs aboard his vessel and offers the man a drink, they then proceed to drink their worries away together. Glass after glass the creature becomes more and more agitated making the fisherman realize what his addiction was causing him to become. The man then strikes down the glass creature and throws the bottle overboard showing the end of his struggle with the drink.

This short film has an incredibly powerful story and meaning behind it and is extremely well written. The animation quality is stylized and incredibly beautiful. The animator portrayed every emotion perfectly without the need for much dialogue at all and the movements of each character matched the style and tone of the short as a whole. There were no shortcomings in the character models themselves either, from the models of the glass creature to the fisherman and even the whiskey bottle and the friendly bird, everything as constructed beautifully. Personally, I think this animation is flawless and so did the judges for the AACTA Awards with the film receiving multiple awards and acknowledgment from other developers in the field. As a whole, every element of this film fits together perfectly, from the lighting to the dialogue, to the style of the assets and even the moral behind the film itself.

The short was created by final year students at the university of technology in Sydney, the team used industry-standard tools such as Zbrush, Maya, Nuke, and Renderman. The team produced an incredible piece of media that is well worth your time to watch and share around. You may even help somebody who is in the same position as the fisherman, that somebody may even be you.

Link for the film here.


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