When I think about art that inspires me I instantly think of the many high poly 3D models I have seen. These models inspire me most because they are what I wish to end up creating one day and what I try to create now. 3D characters have molded and changed my creative tastes and thoughts about what my art style is. I have recently created a Pinterest Board to show my inspirations and things that have changed my art style, this board has many different fantasy character models and body parts. Eventually, I wish to be working on high poly 3d character models in movies, games and cinematic trailers, which should be no surprise by looking at my Pinterest board. The main reason for this is because these models are what I am passionate about and are the things I get excited about when watching different pieces of media, and creating them for a living is my dream. I hope this content can not only inspire other people to get into character modeling but I also hope is can be used as a resource to help others with ideas for their projects.

Here is a link to my Pinterest board.


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