Future trends

As time goes on things change and “fads” come and go, from the 70’s to the 80’s and now in 2017 popular culture is still changing and adapting to our constantly changing lifestyles. We can look back and see how cultural trends have changed throughout history and we can observe what is currently trending now, but what bout the future? Well in my personal opinion I believe that we are heading towards a somewhat minimalistic era where the amount of material possessions we own are cut down. But where numbers in objects goes down the functionality and versatility of those possessions will increase dramatically.

With the rate technology is progressing multiple systems and “devices” will simply be merged into singular products allowing for a more minimalistic lifestyle to be produced. Take Microsoft’s Hololens for an example, it is a product that allows the wearer to view screens and holograms through a visor. The device can also send and receive messages, take calls and is a fully fledged computer that will only get smaller and more practical for the user as time goes on. In 5-10 years this device is likely to replace many mobile devices, televisions, computers and even things such as physical calendars and clocks hanging on your kitchen wall.

A product such as the Microsoft Hololens is one of many devices that are inevitably leading to a much more minimalistic culture by lowering the amount of physical items we use on a day to day basis. But this is not the only reason a minimalistic culture may form, another valid prediction is that with the increasing rate of globalization transport to other countries and the ability to work out of a different country than the main business is based out of may increase the rate in which people travel. And let’s face it if you are going from country to country or simply going on lots of trips as they become more and more affordable you won’t want to be carrying a whole bunch of valuable possessions with you when you could have one small singular device instead.

So all up our lives are getting busier and we are on the move a lot more than we were even a decade ago and for this reason, in my opinion, will shape our society into a much more minimalistic and connected environment.



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