What brought me here?

When I sit back and look at why I am studying animation and what has inspired me a few specific creations come to mind.

The league of legends cinematic trailers and others like it have had a big impact on my desire to make characters for both video games and films. These animated trailers usually are made to show off the team’s vision for a new champion and how they would imagine them in real life, they have hyper-realistic character models made for them and are made to move flawlessly across the screen. Cinematic trailers immerse the viewer into the universe the artists are trying to portray by making the screen seem real to them, much like movies do.

One trailer in particular shows so much detail and hard work by the creators, this trailer is the Elementalist lux cinematic which can be found here. What really gets me excited about a trailer such as this one is the overall quality, detail, and emotion shown through the short 2 and a half minute scene. The facial expressions along with the changing attire the character wears subtly convey the emotions she is feeling at different times in the animation. These subtleties add to the immersion of the viewer and portray an extremely convincing character.

Another piece that has inspired me is Kings Gave which is a fully animated Final Fantasy movie (Trailer here), this movie takes animation and character model design quality to the next level. The movie is so realistic to the eyes that I found myself forgetting I was watching something that was completely made on a computer. Movies and short trailers like this are an amazing form of media, they allow the viewer to forget they are watching an animation and they can convey emotion and story more effectively because they audience believes the characters to be more real.Pieces of media such as these have inspired me to create my own pieces of media such as these have inspired me to create my own hyper-realistic characters that audiences could get attached to and forget that they are just pixels on a screen. Creating character models is where I hope to end up eventually because I find it the most interesting and impactful on the audience.


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