A Bit About Myself And Why I’m Studying Animation

What am I doing here? Why am I doing animation? Well to answer that I first have to tell you about myself a little.

All my life I have loved stories no matter how they are told, whether they are books films games or songs. These stories could take me to places far away and full of magic, heroes, legends and adventure. I have always had a passion for creating characters in my mind and imagining the lives they had lived and the tales they could tell. But after I conjured up my characters and their intricate stories I never had a way to share them with people, that was until I witnessed the beauty of the Disney animated film Brave. The movie showed me the storytelling potential of animation and the median I could share my characters through.

Another big inspiration to me is good old’ Borderlands 2, the creators of the game made fantastic characters with funny personalities with the perfect mix of childish humor and dark pasts. I fell in love with the fun cell shaded aesthetics of the environments and characters of the game, and these weird out there designs made me realize that maybe I don’t just want to create the stories and that I could even create the physical characters too.

After a while, I decided to major in 3D modeling when I studied animation because creating the characters and assets for my characters to interact with was where my passion lied. I came to the conclusion that I would enjoy that a lot more than just writing the stories or programming the games. So here I am now at SAE Institute Brisbane studying how to bring my characters to life and how to share their lives and stories to the world in my own fun and hopefully exciting ways.


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